Countdown to opening

Follow our journey that has transformed a former factory into an unforgettable immersive theatre experience ready for thousands of visitors. These are our milestones so far:


  • € 2 million financing complete
  • Location found: Hembrug, Amsterdam
  • Characters, installations & character homes worked out
  • Script complete
  • Casting finished
  • Rehearsals underway
  • Theatre building begun
  • Brand, visual identity
  • Specially crafted drink and food menu created

In progress

  • Physical renovations - final 30%
  • Installation of food stations and kitchen
  • Rehearsals and try outs
  • Ticket sales start 16 September 2021
  • Opening: 13 november 2021

Building Hotel

Launch date:
mid November 2021

Since the start of the project, film maker Daan has followed founders Michel, Tristan & Raymond with a camera. What began as a dream is on the edge of becoming reality.

Over 200 hours of material are available. Daan had access to every moment along the way. The documentary gives real insight into a realizing a project like this.