Frequently asked questions about tickets

How can I pay for tickets?

You buy tickets for our imaginal reality in a very earthly way: via iDeal, Bancontact or with your Credit Card.

I bought a ticket but no longer want it. Can I have my money back?

We understand that an encounter with our time beyond time doesn’t fit every schedule. While we don’t refund your ticket, we offer two highly flexible options:

1. You can change the date on your ticket - awesome for you!

2. You can transfer your ticket to someone else - they’ll be delighted!

You can take advantage of either of these great options by emailing hallo@hotelwonderland.nl.

Do I also pay service costs?

A €2 service fee is added to each ticket. This small amount ensures that your entire Hotel Wonderland experience runs smoothly – from your digital purchase to the warm welcome you receive at our doors. We communicate openly about these costs so you can be sure there are no hidden extras.

Can I buy tickets on site?

Pan, the custodian of Hotel Wonderland, only welcomes visitors whose name they already know. You cannot buy tickets on site. But you can easily plan your visit in advance via tickets.hotelwonderland.nl

Do I have to bring my tickets to the performance?

To enter the enigma of Hotel Wonderland, you must present a valid ticket at check-in. This may be digitally held on your phone, or printed.

Can I get an invoice?

For a business booking with invoice you can contact our partner 'BookX'. Call +31 (0)20 - 765 20 23 or fill in the contact form on this page. We'll arrange an invoice for you in the blink of an eye.

What do you do with my data?

We only use data that you share with us. Rest assured, we deposit them in a digital vault protected by guardians hyper vigilant in both their universe and ours. To find out more about this please read our privacy policy.

Frequently asked questions about the experience

Can I stay with my group?

You’re free to wander as you will during your visit. Remain with your friends, splinter into smaller groups, or go solo - it’s all up to you!

Can I stay overnight?

For the time being, you do not need to bring a suitcase to Hotel Wonderland. We hope that one day you can spend more than one evening in our storied labyrinth. When that time comes, you'll be the first to hear about it.

How long does the performance last?

Even though you feel detached from time and space at Hotel Wonderland, the entire experience lasts up to four hours. And that is not a minute too much, when you freely explore a factory building of no less than 4000m2.

You check in between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM, the performance ends around 10:15 PM. Want to hang out and chat some more? Then please do with a relaxing drink in hand. The PianoBar keeps chairs warm for you until midnight.

Will I be scared?

Rest assured, there are no scary moments in Hotel Wonderland. While new experiences carry their own excitement, comfort and ease is our signature mood. Once inside, you choose your level of interaction with the actors and installations, and can take a load of at any time at the bar. After a while, you’ll see how it works and find out it’s all good.

Is there a dress code?

The most important thing is to dress like you. Come as your most delightful, beautiful and wonderful self. Go wild or tone it down - this is your night!

High heels and stilettos are not advised unless you couldn’t possibly see yourself in anything else.

Is there a wardrobe?

Discovering the many nooks, corners and residents of Hotel Wonderland is more pleasant if you don't have anything to lug around. Feel free to leave your coat and bag with our cloakroom. There, the most responsible person in all of Hotel Wonderland takes care of your belongings for an evening.

Can I bring my phone?

You can only experience everything to the fullest if you are open. Being glued to a screen doesn’t help that much. That's why we have a special bag for your phone that only the people of Hotel Wonderland can open. You can keep your phone in the bag with you or you can store it safely in a locker.

Can I smoke in Hotel Wonderland?

Even though time sometimes stands still in Hotel Wonderland, the era when smoking was allowed everywhere is also a thing of the past. Smoking is not allowed in and around our hotel.

Can I eat and/or drink something in Hotel Wonderland?

The drinks and bar bites from our PianoBar and the dishes from the food stations are not included in the ticket price. Want to enjoy these goodies all night long? Then choose the 'food included' option when booking.

What about allergies?

All our dishes indicate the allergens they contain. If you have any questions, please ask a colleague to point out what is inside any dish.

Do the actors speak English or Dutch?

Everyone at Hotel Wonderland speaks the language of self-reflection. Both Dutch and English speakers (m/f/x) live in our hotel. If you would like to be addressed in Dutch, please indicate this when you check in.

How do I pay at Hotel Wonderland?

In our parallel world you have no reception and can therefore not pay with your telephone or debit card. That is why you receive a wristband from us on arrival. With this band you can pay anywhere throughout the evening. At the end of the evening you pay at the check-out.

I lost something during my visit. What now?

Dash it, that's so annoying! Send an e-mail to hallo@hotelwonderland.nl and we will ask our sharpest eyes to look for your lost item(s) that have got lost in the folds of time.

Is Hotel Wonderland accessible for people with disabilities?

People with a wheelchair and/or guide dog, the visually impaired, the hearing impaired: everyone is more than welcome to let themselves be amazed. Are you planning a visit? Let us know and we will arrange a smooth evening.

Are children welcome at Hotel Wonderland?

No mind is so uninhibited as that of a child. We are therefore convinced that they will find a visit to Hotel Wonderland a fantastic experience. That is why we open the doors on Sundays from 2 p.m. especially for children from 12 years old. On any other day, the minimum age is 18 years.

Is Hotel Wonderland an escape room?

Hotel Wonderland is not an escape room, but immersive theatre. Whereas escape rooms can be found everywhere, you will only find immersive theatre in the Benelux with us. Hotel Wonderland does not lead you through puzzles, but through intriguing storylines, surprising food stations and enchanting decors. So you will be happy to stay with us for as long as possible.

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